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We exist to see communities flourish by supporting mission-minded organizations to sustain and advance their impact.

co  \koh\  prefix  [Middle English, from Latin, com-]
   collective, jointly, together, with
sper•o \spair-o\  verb  [Latin, alt. speras, sperare]
   to hope, to trust, to look forward to

Why CoSpero?

Our team shares your passion for people and understands the complex challenges you address every day. Yet we remain eternal optimists about where we can go together—with all voices represented, especially those that have been systemically ignored.

We work with a broad range of clients, from local food pantries to multimillion-dollar funding entities. No matter the project, size or mission, we help social sector institutions deepen their impact by centering the heart and soul of their stakeholders.

We'd love the chance to work with you to make the world a more equitable and beautiful place.

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- Lindsay Willes, Director of Education Success

"We knew we weren't getting the outcomes we wanted from our school support efforts, but we didn't know where to start to make a change. The CoSpero team was the most important ingredient in helping us build a successful collective impact model. The team's focus on community centered design and implementation strategy set the stage for us to deepen our impact across zipcodes." 

- John Hsu, Chief Program Officer 

"Across a variety of deliverables, CoSpero Consulting has always delivered results and been great to work with. Without CoSpero Consulting, we could not have achieved these outcomes as quickly or as effectively."  

- Patricia Arvanitis, CEO

"CoSpero helped us by designing a stakeholder centered feedback loop so we could focus on the big vision and execute a strategy based on authentic and real community need. Due to the research and recommendations of CoSpero, we can help equip and elevate the voice of a group of parents to create change for their children." 

We love our Clients

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