But we are so much more than that. We are:

A team that can translate the unique ideas in your head to transformative services for your community. 

A team that specializes in crafting impact narratives that stand out in a sea of worthy causes.  

We are the team that can help you get that new program off the ground, exceed your end-of-year targets, and tell the world about the amazing people you serve.

A team that didn't just learn from lectures and textbooks but has lived the complex realities of social change work.  

A team that is equally comfortable hosting a community forum and coffee with the mayor, or anything in between.

A team that is highly invested in strong and sustainable implementation of the work we do together.  

And (obviously) a team that hits every deadline, makes the process transparent, and gives you everything you need to be even more proud of the work you are doing to improve the lives of others. 

Nice to meet you. 
We're CoSpero.

As a former teacher and football coach, I often spent my days preoccupied with what would really help my students excel in school and in life. One thing that’s nice about football, and any sport really, is that you don’t have to wonder what the fans want. They want a win. If only the answer for my students was so straightforward. Social impact work is objectively more layered and complex, however, one thing is the same. You’ve got to start with what people want. What do the end stakeholders most crave? Only then can you determine goals and build a strategy that will actually create change, not just activity.

I founded CoSpero to help bold and compassionate decision-makers design programs and services that create a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals right now, while intentionally addressing systemic inequities. 

Harold Hogue II

Managing Partner

I’m known for being able to connect with almost anyone—from a single mom in a food pantry to a seasoned board chair, a grassroots organizer to a career politician—because I believe the path to community flourishing will take all of these voices.

I can’t wait to help take your extraordinary vision, your audacious goals and your unique context, and come up with exactly what you’ve been dreaming of to make an even greater impact in the world. 

I'm a proud alum of Ball State University where I was a student-athlete before earning a masters in education leadership from the University of North Texas. I currently live in Southern Dallas with my brilliant wife, Chanel, our energetic 18-month-old, Fitz, and will soon be welcoming baby number two.    

As I took on positions as a volunteer, nonprofit professional and school system employee, I continued to grapple with the complexity of uncovering and meeting true community needs, while strapped for capacity and operating within systems that often stifle innovation.

I saw an opportunity to take my knowledge and experience to build a bridge between the incredible vision and generosity of the social sector with the authentic, underlying pain points of the community. 

During my time in education, I encountered many well-meaning services that were missing the mark because of unintentional misalignment with the end client.

More About Harold

I jokingly tell people that I got married in a trash museum. Our venue was City Museum in St. Louis. It is housed in an old shoelace factory and is completely designed from repurposed architectural and industrial objects. In the letter to our guests, we explained that the location is a reminder of what led us into classrooms in St. Louis public schools—that there is beauty and possibility even in things that seem broken and beyond repair. 

I am wired to bring order to chaos. I love seeking clarity, alignment and meaning for every piece of your strategy, then helping you construct beautiful narratives of hope to promote your mission. 

Lauren Coppedge


Each taste of seeing lives improve feeds an insatiable desire to help create more and deeper change.

I know firsthand the emotional energy and personal sacrifices that often go hand in hand with working in the social sector, so I have a tremendous amount of respect for those who are on the ground each day. I am honored each time we gain the trust of a client to help them serve more, scale farther and do what they do even better.  

Before my migration to the great Republic of Texas, I survived the frozen tundra of Wisconsin and spent four years navigating the underground tunnels of the University of Minnesota. I now happily reside in Dallas with my better half, Justin, where we spend most of our time chasing around our daughter, Elliot, and son, Briggs.

After experiencing rapid and severe burnout in the classroom (please hug all of the teachers you know!), I was fortunate to gain roles across each tier of the education system from school to district administration, to local governance, to community.

With every role, I gained new insight into the complexity of social change work, but also have seen glimmers of hope for transformative impact at every level through thoughtful, stakeholder-focused approaches. 

I love working alongside the steadfast innovators in the social sector to bring fresh perspective or breathe new life into the mission they have dedicated their lives to. 

More About Lauren

Though we have two full-time partners, your project team is put together based on exactly what you need. With our relationships across multiple sectors, we’re able to curate a team of specialists to meet your unique needs. This model allows us to be super responsive to each project’s unique needs, while keeping costs as reasonable as possible for our clients.  

A shared passion for public education and civic advocacy kept our paths crossing for years before it became a no-brainer to become business partners. We feel beyond privileged that we get to make a living doing work we love for causes we believe in. We would be thrilled to buy you a cup of coffee and learn about what drives you.  

Our Story

impact should be quantified but also given a name and a heartbeat

Complex challenges don’t  Necessitate complicated solutions

Design and Implementation should
be done with radical intention

our calling is to restore dignity and wholeness to the world around us

immediate impact Should be created alongside Meaningful systems change  


We are invested in your mission, so we never want to just check the box on a project and walk away—we want to see our work successfully integrated into your day to day. We will roll up our sleeves and get a project off the ground until your team is prepared to sustain it. 

deliver your outcomes

Now we get down to brass tacks. Whether we are designing a new program or building out your brand, we always start with talking directly to stakeholders because they are the ultimate "client." We pride ourselves on working efficiently and with transparency so your insights can be integrated along the way and there will be no surprises.

design the path for you

Next, we dive into the details of your project. This is where we set a strong foundation of shared expectations. We will ensure project goals, timelines and reporting methods are clearly defined so the project can run as smoothly as possible.

define where you want to go

We take the time up front to get to know your organization, your team, your why. We want to know where you have been so we can learn from and leverage your history. Our goal during this phase is to internalize your vision, values and culture so it is integrated into our work from the beginning.

discover where you are

We seek to listen and collaborate with you at every step, including execution. We are just as invested in the planning and design of your project at the beginning as we are in strong and sustainable implementation at the end so you can make the greatest impact for those you serve.

Curious about our process?