• Project Management
• Retreats & Workshops
• Digital Toolkits & Trainings


strengthen capacity

• Impact Collaboratives 
• Coalition Leadership 
• Task Force Development


Co-Design Solutions

• Landscape Analysis 
• Community Feedback
• Visioning Sessions


Define opportunities

We have been in your shoes. We know what it's like to care deeply about your work but face long hours, demanding grant requirements, understaffed teams and tight budgets. We are here to help bring out the best in your people and process so you can keep slaying dragons.

Get ready to blow your impact goals out of the water

All of our work starts from the ground up to clarify the specific challenge at hand.

We believe the most holistic strategies are built with diverse perspectives at the table.

In order to sustain innovation, we equip clients with the mindset and skills to engage in authentic and healthy relationships with their community 

• Executive coaching
• Public relations and crisis response
• Fundraising and grant writing
• Launching projects that don’t align with our values (mainly if it seems clear to not be in the best interest of the stakeholders served)

WE'RE eager to be your one-stop consultancy, but there are some things that aren't our cup of tea:

consulting is expensive

Consulting is an investment in your mission, but it shouldn't be out of reach. Our equity-based pricing tiers can accommodate a variety of budgets.

we can do it ourselves

As much as half of your team is at risk of burning out right now. Your team should be focused on what you do best. The things only you can do. Protect your greatest asset and let us step in to provide additional capacity.  

bigger firms are better

Most of the associates at larger firms don’t have experience as practitioners in the space, and don’t prioritize understanding your target stakeholders like we do.

my project is too big or too small

We’ve worked with organizations of all sizes from local food pantries to national funding agencies. All social impact work is important and we want to see it be successful for the sake of those you serve.

it is too late or too soon to bring on a consultant

We can come on in almost any part of a project cycle. It is often easier for a third party to enter with fresh eyes and help determine next steps, regardless of where you're at.

We know what you're thinking...

Delighted to be so well understood and supported.
Energized about your mission and your ability to create transformative community impact. 

Confident in your strategy and the journey ahead.

In the end, you'll have much more than a project that checks some boxes and meets some deadlines. You’ll feel:

The experience